Sunday, May 16, 2021

Forever Forward Champions #31-40

I'm way behind on putting these Championship recaps together but it's been a crazy couple of months for me starting a new job and then having everyone in my house get terribly sick because my daughter started daycare. Finally have a week to catch up here so let's get right to it.

31. The Mane Event
I saw these guys had a big match on the most recent AIW show. Heck yeah! They are both loaded with potential and I was really happy to become more familiar with them in the two matches we featured. A cohesive team with a great gimmick and chemistry.

32. Lee Moriarty (x2)
Our first ever 2x FFF Champion, it took 100 Champs on Tuesdays to reach this milestone, but the Apex of Combat did it on Fridays in a third of the time! Legitimately one of the most exciting guys to watch going today, it's no wonder we're chomping at the bit to play more of him.

33. Ophidian
34. Shane Strickland

35. Darius Lockhart
What a series of matches we got to highlight here. Strickland has to go down as one of the most versatile double crown Champs we've had here at PIF as between the four matches we've played of his on Tuesdays and Fridays he did a little bit of everything. It's been a little while since we played these matches since I'm behind on these recaps and man, we were killing it this stretch!

36. Sugar Dunkerton
37. Rickey Shane Page
Two indy veterans who showed off different layers to their talents than you might not think of when their names come up.

38. Heidi Lovelace (x2)
39. Kris Wolf

40. Toni Storm
Heidi Lovelace has now had 6 matches shared here at PIF yet we still have yet to play a Ruby Riott match! I find that really amusing. She's been a master of the intergender matches too and as a result she kick started a transition to women's wrestling that is still going strong every Friday! This stretch of joshi matches were all foreign talent which featured some strong tags. Finished off with a clash between longtime rivals Toni Storm and Kay Lee Ray. And when we recap Champs #41-50 we can talk about that fantastic Kay Lee VS Meiko Satomura match that you need to go back and watch right now if you haven't!

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