Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Let The Devil Step Right In, LuFisto's Your Only Friend

LuFisto (c) VS Ayako Hamada - NCW Femmes Fatale Championship 3/12/2011

CJD: Question for you John. Did you know Gran Hamada has two latina daughters who are both very accomplished pro wrestlers?? Well you do now my friend! And I've watched a bit of Ayako over the years and she's always impressed me but this is the damndest match of hers I've ever seen. This match went in directions I certainly didn't expect and it's a bit all over the map but I enjoyed the ride! We've featured LuFisto in a lot of different roles here now that she's a double crown PIF Champ but we hadn't seen her as the defending hometown Champion and she's great at it. She has such a mean streak but is also willing to go above and beyond to make her opponent look good. She strikes a good balance of looking strong while sympathetic here. Very curious to hear your thoughts on this one especially following up the insanity you played forward to me last week.

JJZ: I did not know that about Gran Hamada!!! It's funny because I read your comments after I watched the match and thought to myself that Hamada is a legendary name. But in wrestling you see a lot of names recycled, especially in Japan. Just recently we featured a female Nakajima! So I didn't even think about the possibility of her being related to the legend Gran Hamada. Well this was an ECW style title match if I've ever seen one. I know this wasn't even close to the match with Necro in regards to craziness but this was a hardcore piece of art. Nice little start in the ring then a pretty violent battle in the crowd. Some great stiff highspots topped off with a few close falsies! Just a great match. The crowd was super into this so I Ioved the lack of commentary to highlight that.

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