Tuesday, May 4, 2021

The Bigger They Come The Harder They Fall

LuFisto VS Necro Butcher - Stranglehold Wrestling KOTDM Finals 10/29/2006

JJZ: So I've been waiting for months to share this match with someone and the moment I realized I can play this forward I felt like a kid on Christmas!!! Finals of the 2006 King of the Deatch Match tournament. It ain't the longest match but talk about making the most out of your time. With them having to wrestle so many times before this I was in shock at how much punishment they went through. I try to keep my death match viewing few and far between because I think it's too easy to get desensitized from it. This match screamed insane brutality to me. I know the gender and size difference jump off the screen but I think the offense of LuFisto and Butcher actually makes for  good psychology. As good as you can get in a dream match that is. This match starts and finishes at a 10 imo. Enjoy baby cakes.

CJD: I'll be honest, I never wanted to watch this match. And if any of our readers don't want to, I don't blame them. Necro hasn't exactly added to his legacy but there's no denying he's an all-time great deathmatch wrestler. This is his signature match done as well as he ever did it, and that's a credit to LuFisto that she's right up there with his best opponents. I certainly agree it started at a 10 and never took its foot off the gas for one second. Necro takes the worst of the punishment by far but LuFisto certainly goes through hell and back in the process. I'd be curious to hear her thoughts about this match now. I'm glad that she's the one with it up on YouTube if it's going to be up on there. This was a horror show but it was a horror show done exceptionally well. I don't think I'll ever watch it again but I was impressed to finally experience it. And why the hell isn't that ref wearing gloves?!?

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