Tuesday, November 22, 2022

I Love To Swing The Lariat

JJZ: I don't have any memory of seeing this match. I'm a little nervous that your response is that you've shown me this before. This was interesting. Definitely not their wildness we're used to from these two. I loved the psychology. Baby bull working that head lock and Stan the man like a pit bull on a bone with that hand. I fucking loved the count out tease. In the 80s we got so used to that in Japan that I just assumed it was the finish in this one. Really curious about this show on a whole since it was in Vegas. Hope it's new to you my friend.

CJD: I haven't shown you this match before but it is #774 in my binder full of matches to play for you and the gang, and now I can cross it off! AWA actually ran Vegas regularly from '85-'90, it was the main taping location for their ESPN television. The crowds were notoriously bad and this is one of the earlier "borrrinngg" chants I can remember hearing. That said, this match was pretty awesome. I love seeing the differences in how Hansen handles two totally different young stud challengers with very different skillsets. Vader is nowhere near where Hennig was last week but that makes Hansen's performance in this one all that much more impressive. I will say White's selling was better than I remembered and he really held his own for how green he was. I love Lord James Blears claiming he was a first round draft pick (the Rams took him in the 3rd which is still damn impressive). Also major points for a great 80s finish (including the countout tease), that's always a pleasant surprise. Great pick!

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