Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Stampede Is Coming, Mastadon Infantry

Big Van Vader VS Scott Norton - NJPW 9/23/1991

CJD: I was really in the mood with Vader to see something different. I went on a journey like the PIF days of old, watching matches VS Ospreay, Gary Albright, and tagging with Hansen VS Misawa/Ogawa. All three good matches for what they were, I'd struggle to even say this match is firmly better than any of them (well maybe better than the tag). But it is different and that's what I was feeling. Scott Norton is insanely strong. He was never great at pro wrestling but I do still enjoy watching his work. I hate the way NJ World cuts away at the end but beggars can't be choosers with free internet uploads. I could have done with a few less lariats and straps coming down and up but for a hoss fight of the highest order I think this delivered. What says you??

JJZ: That fucking "Oh shit!" belly to back suplex was sick! Made me say JESUS CHRIST very loudly. Well what a hoss boss battle this was. Beefy meat slapping at its finest my southern brother. I mean this with no insult but this was exactly what I thought it would be. Just two thick jawns banging into eachother to see who would fold first. Not gonna lie. I'm jealous you found this match and not me. When I first got New Japan World I went on a Scott Norton tour and was disappointed with the views if you're picking up what I'm laying down. Loved this and love you. Excited to watch more Flash!

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