Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Moonlight SANADA


EVIL/SANADA (c) VS Young Bucks - NJPW IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championship 6/9/2018

JJZ: So you wanna talk about crossing matches out of your book, well this one is coming out of mine. I know you haven't seen this yet and honestly this was one of my favorite matches from last year so I'm excited to bring it to your eyes. So Chris, I know since you've been into PWG since way back you've been watching the Young Bucks since they were Baby Bucks. So I'm curious if you ever considered that they might one day wrestle for these titles? I love the Bucks but in 2006 I would have said get the hell outta here. Now Evil and Sanada are such head scratching partners on paper but compliment each other so well in the ring. Their tag matches are so consistently good that going into this I had high expectations. It still didn't disappoint one bit. Nick's selling of the foot and Matt's selling of the back since January really showed the growth of the Bucks. Evil and Sanada showcase what they do best with their team work and aggressiveness. The match doesn't overstay its welcome and is great tag team wrestling bell to bell.

CJD: Back when I was watching the Bucks VS the Ballard Brothers I never in a million years would have imagined them challenging for the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championship. I had seen a little of their transition to heavyweights but not this match and damn was this a perfect adaptation to the weight class on their part. I tried to fire this match up so many times and real life kept getting in the way. I thought by the time I finally got to finish it I'd be sick of it. Not at all. The second half of this match is high end stuff. EVIL and SANADA do make for great opponents as you said, and really this felt less like a NJPW heavyweight tag and more like a classic ROH tag title match. Some sort of bastardized hybrid of King's Road, New Japan juniors, and American indies. And I love the way they simmered that stew. Loved the way it wrapped up, loved the babyface sympathy and fire, the only way I could fit more Love's into this match would be if they were serving up Java Amore and had the cheapest gas this side of the Mason-Dixon!

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