Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Who Are These Young Bucks?

The Young Bucks VS Super Smash Brothers - SMASH Wrestling 8/17/2014

CJD: The Young Bucks are masters of making you think they're going to schtick their way through a match, only to have you hooked before you even realize what's happening. By the end of this match I was rooting for Super Smash Bros so hard, and not necessarily because I'm the biggest fan of them, but because of the awesome work everyone in this match put in. These are two teams that are great at chaining together offense and that's fully on display here. But so are plenty of little touches that take this from a fun match early on to something much more by the end. This had a live energy that really came through on tape even without the max volume commentary.

JJZ: In the words of Dave Attell, yumma dum dum! Yeah buddy. And in SSB's home promotion no less! I know this has been said by us before but to watch these two little jerkoffs from CA become one of the greatest, most influential, respectful and respected wrestlers of their generation is such a welcome surprise. Well maybe we never said it that way exactly. With knowing the history these two teams have I'm expecting one hell of a show Chris! The effort and quality the Bucks put into this match considering it's in a little venue in Canada is such a testament to their love of wrestling. And man I love SSB so much, it's a shame about the visa issues they've had. This delivered big, great match man.

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