Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Are You Afraid Of The Dark Order?

Super Smash Brothers VS Sumerian Death Squad - wXw World Tag Team Tournament Oberhausen 3/10/2015

JJZ: Alright, so it took  two viewings for me to play this forward. The second time I watched it for what it was and not what I wanted it to be. This is a match from a tournament that was three days in a row so the match these four have is pretty perfect for that kind of workload of a weekend. The crowd is hot as hell and the wrestling is packed with psychology. I do wish it was longer and had a few more highspots. I'm new to Michael Dante but like what I'm seeing in him. Soild hoss and great partner for End. SSB play a great heel team and work good heat from the crowd. Hope you enjoy baby cakes.

CJD: I played a Sumerian Death Squad match in Big Japan for you from a few years previous to this match, but I don't remember this level of BEEF from Dante back then either. He brought a great presence to this match which isn't easy to do when Aleister Black is your partner. I'm glad you picked this even though I could see having some issues with it. I thought the transitions in offense were too abrupt at times, as the commentators pretty much pointed out. And if Super Smash Brothers were going for a straight up heel/face psychology they should have tried to pop the crowd a little less. That said, this was a lot of fun. The psychology ended up more of a bad ass home team VS bad ass away squad so it worked for what they were doing. I'm leaving these two SSB matches with a much higher opinion of Stu Grayson than I had before. But I do especially love when Uno goes into that kill mode with his strikes.Glad to see PIF venture back to Europe and glad wXw put this one up online so I could watch these four men throw down!

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