Tuesday, January 14, 2020

All About That Ace

Matt Tremont VS Ace Romero - Beyond Wrestling 15,000 Thumbtacks Match 9/24/2017

JJZ: I know playing forward a Tremont match will put a big smile on your face and wake you up no matter how sleep deprived you may be! Tremont is an all time great death match wrestler at this point. But this is the first time I've seen Ace in a death match and I think he did a fine job. He jumped right in like he'd been doing it for years. A lot of nice "OOOOOOO" spots mixed in with some "FUCKKKKK"s. I'll tell you what, I wouldn't want to be front row for this one. You know some fans took some tacks to the face. I would have liked this to be a little longer but with a death match you can't expect too too much. There was a little botch but the result made the move look a lot more painful. Enjoy baby!

CJD: Well you know I've got a weeks-old baby at home so you're right that I could use any wake up call I'll get! And this match was an upper for sure, that I watched with her in my arms at 2AM this morning before getting ready for work. Hopefully watching a deathmatch with an infant isn't considered endangerment. Tremont gives a great perfomance in this and makes a painful and difficult match look relatively easy. It doesn't look so easy for Ace but as you said give him credit for diving in head first. He really likes starting matches with that shotgun dropkick, doesn't he? I liked how they kept such a focus on the tacks, too many modern deathmatches try to escalate to the point where nothing feels painful by the end. That wasn't the case at all here. This didn't leave me wanting to see any more Romero attempts at deathmatches, but it did make me want more of the Bulldozer. And lucky for me I'll get just that next week!

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