Tuesday, January 7, 2020

I'm Just Drivin' Nails In My Coffin

Darby Allin VS Ace Romero - Limitless Wrestling 11/30/2018

CJD: It's been a while since I've played forward a wrestler I'm barely familiar with, and I'm more than happy to roll the dice with Ace Romero this time around. I know he's a big man who can move and not much else. This was a good intro as him and Darby work twice as hard to compensate for their size difference and the result is the most entertaining car crash sprint I've seen in a while. Allin's psychology is a bit odd but logical and Romero plays off it perfectly. There's some flubs along the way but I doubt you'll count it against this one.

JJZ: We are in the modern day Indy mix now my friend. The size difference makes for a natural psychology that Darby and Ace get to right away. Classic speed VS strength. Darby is flying around like a depressed finch trying to get effective offense in while Ace lays it in when he is able to get his hands on Allen. I would like to see Ace doing more dominating power moves in future matches and get away from his "I'm big but can fly" thing he does. Interesting crowd for this show. I saw people sitting with full winter coats and hats on to people in tank tops. Also saw some fans dressed in their Sunday best. It was curious. While Ace was a great crash mat for Darby I think Allen was the star of this match. I really got the sense he knew it would take a lot of high risk to win the match and he went to it.

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