Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Break Those Chains That Bind You

"Speedball" Mike Bailey VS "The Bulldozer" Matt Tremont - C*4 Wrestling A Better Tomorrow 1/18/2014

CJD: I know you're going to leave this match wanting more. But if you think of it as the best possible version of a Velocity main event adapted to the 2014 indies maybe your expectations will be better met? Because that's what I'm getting serious vibes of here, Bailey channeling his inner Akio and Tremont as a Kensington update of Jamie Noble. One thing I love about Tremont that's remarkable seeing him this young is how he never rushes. Even when something goes wrong he makes it seem deliberate, and any opportunity to add emphasis to a quiet moment he'll find. I'd love to see what these two could do together now, but I'll gladly take this throwback freak encounter for the time being.

JJZ: Well I didn't see this coming. Kensington Jamie Noble is a fucking great description. We got a couple of baby boys over here slapping, kicking, and spiking the diapers off each other. Tremont would have been perfect for ECW. I could easily see him throwing punches with Balls and Axl. If I had to describe this match to someone not familiar, I'd say it's like a kid took karate to fight off his bully and this is the showdown. And whenever the bully is about to end it he catches a kick to the face. I do want more Chris and I didn't watch Velocity. I did watch Felicity but that has nothing to do with this. This would have been a great TV main event. If only these two could have a 4 or 5 match feud with a couple gimmick matches. A submission match and a insert town name street fight. I want more!

CJD: Oh man I'd love to see these two in a taped foot VS taped fist match or a something-or-other-on-a-pole match. Tremont in ECW would have been fun but unfortunately I'd have to think he'd have ended up as the kid sidekick in da Baldies.You never watched Velocity?? They'd have some really good 10 minute matches on there. Guys like London, Regal, etc.

JJZ: Not on the regular. I'm sure I've seen some episodes. I just liked the joke. I've never watched Felicity either.

CJD: You dirty dog!

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