Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Burning Bridges Is So 1999

Matthew Justice VS Stockade VS Demarcus Kane VS G-Raver - Blackcraft Wrestling Ladder Match 8/24/2018

CJD: You were on the fence about the match you played forward last week but I really enjoyed it. I hope that's the case this week with my match for you. There's a lot here I like, there's a lot here I don't. This is the opening match of the first Blackcraft show, and I don't think it'll come as a big surprise that they apparently closed the promotion three shows later. I'd hate to have been the second match that followed this up. On the positive side, Matthew Justice is an absolute lunatic in this match, Demarcus Kane is a revelation (apparently a decade+ vet who wrestles under Napalm Bomb normally?), and our boy G-Raver dare I say steals the show. Last week against Kasai I thought he brought some cool spots but lacked in some other areas. Here he's the complete package, and really stands out in a crowded busy match. I also liked seeing what he brought to the table in a less deathmatch focused environment. Very curious to hear your thoughts on this one!

JJZ: That's a lot of names. Loving this pick CJD. I'm familiar with Justice and G-Raver but Stockade and Kane are brand new to me. Correct me if I'm wrong baby, but isn't this our first ladder match featured on PIF? Loving this venue considering the promotion is Blackcraft. You can definitely tell the seniors from the freshmen in this match but that creates an exciting dynamic. Some long "FUCKKKKKKK" moments early. You didn't mention Stockade but I really liked his role in this match. I think all four guys brought different ingredients that worked well together. Booking this match to open the show is a terrible idea though, this was a main event you can't follow this for fucks sake what is happening match. Super entertaining. Hope no one got seriously hurt.

CJD: I liked some of what Stockade brought to the table. On a whole though I thought he spent too much time setting up spots or rushing into them. But he played his role in the match well. This one really stuck with me. As an opener it made no sense whatsoever but I was thoroughly entertained. I'm glad you were too!

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