Saturday, March 14, 2020

Mason-Dixon Tri-state Outercontinental WWKD Champions #91-100

A little late getting this MDTSOWWKD Champion recap up than normal, but it was such a wild ride to our 100th Champ that it took some time to recover from all the celebrating! And in the meantime the world is going to hell in a handbasket, but that won't stop PIF from keeping the pro wrestling positivity perpetually moving!

91. Tommy End
No Black Masks to be seen in these two matches. Instead we ventured into End's prolific tag work and one hell of an AAW title match over in the UK!

92. Sami Callihan
Always polarizing, the Death Machine had a pair of matches I really enjoyed here at PIF, showing his range as a performer.

93. Darby Allin
Allin is a hot name in pro wrestling these days and rightfully so. He's certainly among my favorite MDTSOWWKD Champions we've ever had on the blog, as I couldn't take my eyes off his two matches we featured here.

94. Ace Romero
95. "The Bulldozer" Matt Tremont
Who would have thought that Tremont would start with a deathmatch VS Romero, but then transition away into a run of more typical indy matches VS Bailey??

96. "Speedball" Mike Bailey
97. Matt Riddle
These two had a match that got a lot of eyes on the the blog and had a lot of people talking. I didn't love it, John did, and when all was said and done the important thing is it was a match well worth watching!

98. Chris Hero
The GOAT? Certainly one of the greatest. A personal favorite of both me and JJZ and what a pair of wildly different matches to back his greatness up VS Riddle and VS Necro.

99. Necro Butcher
100. Jun Kasai
I'm more than happy with how we closed out our first 100 Champions and 100+ matches here at PIF. We certainly cover a lot more than just deathmatches, but we've featured our fair share of greats in that regard as well, and these are two of the greatest to lace up a pair of deathmatch boots for certain. Or to regularly take them back off  in the case of Necro.

Man, when you line them up like that, what a run of 10 imaginary Champs that was! And what a run of matches! Thank god for pro wrestling in these troubled times.

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