Tuesday, March 24, 2020

And You're Like A 90s Jesus, And You Revel In Your Psicosis

Eddie Guerrero VS Psicosis - WCW Nitro 8/07/1996

JJZ: You always hear wrestlers today talk about how the WCW cruiserweight division made them want to become a wrestler. And when you hear that so much it becomes white noise and people can forget just how incredible these guys were. This match is under ten minutes and is PERFECT for what it was trying to and supposed to do. Psychology, drama, high spots, limb work, falsies. It really shows what you can accomplish in such a short amount of time. One thing I miss about WCW is the interesting venues. The malls, the outdoor shows. Wish WWE would do that once in a while.

CJD: Hell I wish AEW would do it (once we are living in a post COVID-19 world). They have those serious WCW vibes anyway, embrace it completely. You nailed it, this match took us on a ride in a short amount of time. You played forward another TV match not too long ago that I thought did a similarly great job, Steamboat VS Cactus Jack.  WCW would go on to be the butt end of so many jokes but as a kid growing up on this style of TV pro wrestling, these were the types of matches that shaped my fandom. The personality of WWF captured my imagination but the action of WCW was what I always went back to. In a perfect world they would be combined, and Psicosis would have had a run where he was a literal monster brujo that drove his opponents insane with his terrifying black magic, undefeated in the division for months before an unlikely babyface got a career defining win over him in a match like this. I can always dream. Even without the pomp and circumstance this had me smiling the whole way through, Zybyszko's best Bobby Heenan was pretty good for once, and there's not much you need to analyze here. Just watch the match. This caliber of pro wrestling in such an easily digestible package is chicken soup for the soul and we could all use a serving right now.

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