Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Beef Most Distinctive

Nick Gage VS Pagano VS Psicosis VS Joe Lider - EMW DeathMatch 7/12/2019

CJD: Well this isn't where I expected to take you next. Especially after just playing a wild 4 way gimmick match for my last pick. But an important lesson in life is sometimes you have to play the hand you're dealt. My favorite part of this match is how well Psicosis and Gage work together. Psicosis/Rey was the feud that introduced me to the concept of what a great touring match is in the '90s, and here in 2019 he's pulling Gage's GCW shirt over his head like it's a hockey fight and smashing him through lighttubes. If we were watching wrestling all night long (as we have many times before) this would be the match I'd put on while we ordered mediocre Chinese food or while it was about to arrive. It doesn't need your undivided attention by any means but it's still a wild ride.

JJZ: I couldn't have predicted this in 100 guesses. My first thought is, is Pagano PCO? Is it just me or does he look a lot like him? Loving this dollar store barbedwire and how it keeps getting stuck on the wrestlers. The fan cam aspect to a death match makes it feel so much more grimeier (I know I spelled that wrong) than they already are. I like to call these matches junk food matches and yes it would be perfect for some 2AM Chinese food and a few beers. Gage and Psicosis are the stars of the match but Pagano and Lider keep adding holy shit moments. Is Pagano PCO? Seriously the camera isn't helping figure this out. This match was fantastic. Fun easy watch, with jaw dropping spots.

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