Tuesday, July 21, 2020

For Everybody

Roddy Piper VS Paul Orndorff - WWF 7/27/1985

CJD: I play forward matches to you that often leave you wanting more. Well this match left me wanting more. I almost didn't go with it, but it stuck with me for a few reasons. One, yet another great Spectrum crowd (although I don't know who this local jabronie they have on color is). Two, as a pure heated brawl, it's damn good for what it is. And three, the Stone/Valentine/Goto/Kojima Effect. Orndorff is a guy I've never really given a fair chance. We're all about looking at someone you have a preconceived notion about with fresh eyes and I can't wait to see what you come back with from his career. I love what bad asses both of these guys feel like here, total seeds of the double turn that would come for both soon after. What says you, did they get a lot out of a little, or is this pier 6 brawl a lot of very little??

JJZ: Love the music in the beginning. Jesus this starts out hotter than the 2020 heatwave. Is it weird I'm surprised that Paul is the face? Hot Rod is a natural heel but I always view him as a face for some reason. Gotta show some love for Mr. 1derfuls tights. You weren't kidding, this crowd is rocking. I'd love to see the rematch to this. They really were building to one hell of a blow off. I think this is what is missing from modern wrestling, matches with this much heat where the sole purpose is to build to a bigger match. In WWE I mean. I honestly have never seen Orndorff this aggressive. That's saying something. It really opened my eyes to him. I've been burning through WCW Saturday Nights recently and just watched a match between him and 2 Cold Scorpio that I really enjoyed because of Paul's technical work. I didn't know he had that in him either. It's funny how you can not really notice someone then all of a sudden they turn the corner for you. For Piper this is really up his alley. That man is pure heat. Very nice pick CJD.

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