Saturday, July 4, 2020

Change Of Pace

To say 2020 is a year that's changed the way we look at the world is an understatement. And even before #SpeakingOut took off there were times when I questioned Play It Forward's direction, if we should be doing more to act as a platform for less represented talent. At times John and I discussed flat out taking a break, because we're both struggling as fans to know how to proceed right now. Here's what I do know deep down though. Proceeding with business as usual won't help. And being open and honest can't hurt.

My mom passed away very unexpectedly June 21st. We found out right after I got off the phone with my dad celebrating my first Father's Day. My life has been a whirlwind since then. John is my best friend and I've leaned on him heavily. Wrestling is my favorite hobby but I was already questioning my fandom before losing my mom. I've watched exactly 4 matches since June 21st. And while it hasn't been a priority in my life, the hobby has still brought me some joy in hard times.

Here's where this brings me. I don't want to take a break. I don't want to blow up PIF. I love what we've built, even if we've featured matches from some wrestlers I'm not planning on revisiting any time soon, if at all. But I want to do more to promote wrestlers who are too vast of a minority in this flawed, but hopefully not lost industry. We'll keep the Mason-Dixon Tristate Outercontinental What Would Kobashi Do? Championship but we'll introduce a new "title" focusing on women, people of color, exoticos, anyone who previously would have been a "change of pace." Let's just make that the pace, and instead roll out the MDTSOCWWKD matches biweekly or once a month. We'll work out the details in time.

This is just our small way of saying we want to work to be better fans. It's a work in progress. Come along for the ride, and hopefully 100 matches from now we can feel a tiny shred more proud of this embarrassing hobby of ours.


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