Friday, October 30, 2020

Forever Forward Friday

Solo Darling VS Shotzi Blackheart - F1RST Wrestling 3/21/2019

CJD: I watched some other quality Shotzi matches before landing on this one. And this isn't perfect but maybe I'm just a sucker for a good opener. It really popped for me and hopefully it does for you too. Solo is another wrestler I'm pretty familiar with in a tag team setting in Chikara like Vox a few weeks ago, and once again I got a much better sense of her as a wrestler here. And I definitely left these two weeks of Blackheart matches a new fan of hers. She has a goofy enthusiasm that borders on cheesy but she pulls it off really well. Also, Halloween tights!

JJZ: First off I'm gonna be honest. I'm drunk. Let's go! Love the Halloween theme and love that local brewery advertising. I know I mentioned that before but fuck it. I like this venue. This was a great opener. I think Solo is good and has a lot of potential. She has a good moveset and is very aggressive. Shotzi is her unique self in this match, that keeps your eyes on her. For any beer lovers out there I'm drinking a Neshaminy Creek Dunks Ferry while watching this match. I'd give this beer 4 bottle caps fyi. This is was a fun match that fits the placement in the card and should make you keep an eye out for both wrestlers.

CJD: Is that four out of five bottle caps,  four out of seven bottle caps, or four out of ten bottle caps??

JJZ: Lol 5

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