Tuesday, October 6, 2020

I Gaze, Dim Ricochet Of Stars

Ricochet VS Jeff Cobb - OTT Wrestlerama Belfast 8/6/2017

JJZ: With this match I wanted to show Ricochet working with the opposite of A-Kid. Someone bigger and more of an independent veteran. I also was super stoked to see Cobb throw the King around. I thought they did add some basic but nice psychology while still doing the big crowd pleasing spots. I really enjoyed this match, I couldn't figure out which way it would go. I bit on the falsies and had a couple "Damn!" moments. These two would make for a fantastic best of 7 series. Their styles are different enough to really have different levels of matches.

CJD: Yeah, Ricochet and Cobb could have played the hits for this overseas match and the crowd would have went just as wild and nobody would have said one negative word. Instead they went out and clearly had fun doing something unique to that night and still delivered a red hot match. Not quite as good as their BOLA contest but I give them a lot of respect for keeping it fresh. These two have such a great power VS speed dynamic, where they're both surprisingly strong and agile too, so there's a lot of oneupsmanship. I think you can guess my one criticism which is I wish Ricochet went back to the leg. But Cobb's selling was so good I almost don't mind. Almost. I agree whole heartedly that I could watch them wrestle many times over, I wonder if there's any more matches out there?

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