Friday, October 9, 2020

Forever Forward Friday

Ashley Vox VS Tasha Steelz - Limitless Wrestling 1/24/2020

JJZ: So far I think my favorite thing about our Forever Forward Championship is deep diving into the independent promotions. Limitless is a promotion that I've seen a few things from but wasn't super familiar with. I like the feel of them and the focus they put on women's wrestling. I wasn't familiar with Tasha Steelz before this match and I was impressed. Not sure her age but in wrestling years she has some veteran polish on her. I like her whole vibe. I liked playing this match forward as it gave you the other end of what Vox can do. She was fantastic in a blood feud but in this showcased that she can work a good mid card match. Also I'm in love with her finisher!

CJD: Tasha Steelz is new to me too and has that quality about her where she can walk in and take on a promotion's top star, make them look great but still make a big impression in her own right. I love this Walking Tall Ashley Vox, she's been such a revelation and will become a must-watch kind of wrestler moving forward. And I agree about Limitless, I don't hear a ton about them but clearly they have a devoted fanbase and everything I've seen from them has been quality. Nice pick baby, and a good palate cleanser after last week's violence party.

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