Friday, January 1, 2021

Forever Forward Friday

Laredo Kid VS Candice LeRae VS Cloudy VS Louis Lyndon - Absolute Intense Wrestling 4/8/2016

JJZ: Alright! So this Louis Lyndon match hunt was one for the books. I literally couldn't even find any on Daily Motion. I did find this fun spotfest though. I can imagine being in the crowd for this match and popping for every highspot. I'd think this would've been second on the card which would be perfect to get the crowd hot. Candice was the star of the match which is a big reason I played it forward. Louis adds nice touches while the other guys play good bases to get them over. Hope you enjoy baby cakes!

CJD: Laredo Kid's first match in AIW is a cool little piece of history. He made a huge impression and opened up this match like a kid with a too tight backpack in a moshpit. Cloudy was such a sleazy dickhead, he definitely got heat with me for one of them spots. You can absolutely see here why AIW depends heavily on Lyndon as he helps so much with the structure and pace. And Candice is the heart, driving the story of a very substantial 4 corner 10 minute spotfest. This was exactly what it should have been and is a good reminder to me not to skip random AIW undercard multiwrestler matches!

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