Friday, January 22, 2021

Forever Forward Friday

CJD: I really wanted to play you a Doom Patrol match back as I love that tag team and I love that team name. But when I found a Southern indy focusing on shootstyle I'd never heard of with Lee Moriarty, a name I keep meaning to check out, well I had to watch this. And it didn't disappoint. John sometimes I get a little bitter that so many weird subcultures I was into when nobody cared eventually blew up. So when you see a UWFI promotion out of Kentucky heavily featured on IWTV, what is your reaction? You know I love BattlArts but I might not have even given UWF a real chance without you playing me those choice cuts over the years. I think they do a great job of capturing that spirit here, and I can see a lot of that potential in Moriarty that makes his name come up so often these days. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on this one.

JJZ: I literally reread your comments four times over because I was in shock. A UWFI rules match that took place in the US during the pandemic. So first off, this promotion is officially on my must-watch list now. Second, Lee Moriarty is living rent-free in my mind after watching this. This match was fantastic. I only wish it was longer. Really nice pop spots and great transitions. The finish was very UWFI that would've made Maeda and Anjo very proud. For 2020 "shoot fighting" I think this was extremely well done. But I'm gonna put my devil's advocate hat on here and give a couple critiques, based on 1980s style UWFI. The pace was a little fast and both guys should've worked harder for things. Shit was given a little too easily imo. Now that is not a complaint by any means because I know it is not 1987. I'm just saying. Thank you for this match.

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