Friday, January 8, 2021

Forever Forward Friday

CJD: I know FFFridays have been AIW Fridays quite often, right from the very first one in fact, and I swear I try not to lean on them too too hard. But I can't help the fact that they've been one of the best indies going for years and years and they have a lot of great free content up. And you put up a thumbnail of Eddie Kingston VS Candice and you've got a real Shut Up And Take The Fractional Pennies Of This Mouse Click situation. This match is exactly what you want from these two, with scumbag Eddie and that prick the Duke building so much sympathy on top of a wonderful babyface performance. Candice makes such great comebacks and they build the big spots in this one so nicely. This match was proof that the Card Is Going To Change but I can't imagine anyone in the crowd was disappointed by what they got. Even with missing out on Alex Shelley I still would have been ecstatic to be surprised by this match live.

JJZ: Fun way to start a match with a local favorite VS a true natural heel. Candice has always been such a natural plucky underdog babyface. IMO it's almost impossible to not root for her. Add in Kingston's scumbagy heelish tactics and you got a classic match formula. I know we've been featuring a lot of AIW as of late and for good reason. I'd love to have a local promotion like this. Being from Phila I get a lot of great wrestling but we haven't had a local indy like this in a long time. I miss having a promotion to call my own that's for damn sure and I'd love to say Absolute Intense Wrestling was mine.

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