Friday, January 15, 2021

Forever Forward Friday

JJZ: I liked everything about this match. The venue of course. The build to get Dickinson and Kingston into the ring together. Homicide getting that veteran shine. And Jaka played the wildcard. I didn't know what to expect from him but thought he played his role well and added to the match. And those fucking neck chops by Eddie, my god. Does Chris owe him money? Now I'm watching this match in my perfect situation. I'm smoking a cigar and drinking a Founders Breakfast Stout. So I'm popping like a mark for everything. This might be a weird thing to say but good indy wrestling is better than great big league wrestling any day of the week. The crowd doesn't care about the production or the video packages. They just want the effort. They just want that 10 hour shift of work that leaves you with a pain in you back and a thirst for a cold beer. I hope you enjoy this Engineer.

CJD: So at first glance I thought this was EVOLVE because that's where I became familiar with Doom Patrol. But it's Beyond which is even better yet. Let me tell you something JT Fury, I watched this match sober as a bird doing some dishes while my daughter was napping. And I was marking out every bit as hard as you were if not harder! This match frigging ruled. The spirit of outlaw territory wrestling very much alive in the modern indies. Four bad men that while it's very obvious love their craft and speak our language of pro wrestling passion, also still perform in a way that I believe 100% that if I met any of them at a bar or a party I'd have to make sure I didn't say anything to piss them off. These guys remind me of the type of athlete that you hate when they play against your team but love if they ever sign with you. Rough and tumble, so much trash talk, so much action to back it up. I love the dynamic between the vets and Doom Patrol. The hierarchy, the efficiency, the tag team psychology. I love this match. Great find!!

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