Tuesday, January 26, 2021

I Went From Wreckage To World Class

CJD:  Double titles on the line here so high stakes. Unlike your match the Dragon Gate duo are the invaders but this is Korouken and they love them some underdogs. The main thing that held my interest in this match is that it's stiffer than the hot dog bun you forgot in the back of the fridge last summer. For this style of wrestling at least. Jado & Gedo join the illustrious company of the Usos and Santo/Casas as tag team MDTSOCWWKD Champions. Which is ironic because I've never loved them as a team. But I do respect the career they've had and this is a noteworthy night in that career. Fundamental tag team goodness right here. I wish there was a rematch.

JJZ: Jado and Gedo looking yoked as fuck in this match. Love that both titles are on the line because I feel like that really doesn't mean one way or the other for who is going to win. You know I love me some Don Fuji. I really miss watching him and this match hit the spot for that. I forgot so many of his moves. When I was watching Dragon Gate on the regular his style always brought such a nice change of pace that the show needed. Mochizuki has some the best kicks in wrestling and it makes so much sense that he had a hand in training Nakajima. I feel like you can see the influence while you're watching this match. I'll agree with you about Jado and Gedo, I was never over the moon about them but you can't agrue the success and how over they were. The crowd in this match really built fantastically. They got louder with every big move in the second half of the match. Basic but good psychology that built to well executed highspots is always a winner in my book. Nice pick baby cakes.

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