Friday, December 30, 2022

Forever Forward Fridays

CJD: I wanted to highlight Bestia 666's deathmatch roots this week, but just couldn't find a match up for streaming that scratched the right itch. There's a fun match VS Supreme (RIP) that falls apart badly but is worth a watch. Anyway, this scratched a different type of itch, which is a team of bad ass rudos running through a highly entertaining trios match. I really loved the 666 boys and Psicosis playing off the tecnicos shtick in this one. The match isn't objectively one of the better we've played recently. I honestly don't know if La Parka II was ever very good but towards the end of his career here (RIP) let's just say he was the weak link. Garza Jr, I know he's in WWE now, he's the spitting image of his uncle Hector who I always enjoyed (RIP), but I'm not terribly familiar with him either. Boy did the ladies love him! I dug what he brought to the match. The high flyer I've honestly never even heard of but he was good too. This was a "throw it on and see what we get" kind of match so my expectations were low but I was into it. Really liked the finish as well. And I thought our boy Bestia was low key the workhorse of the whole thing. One fall to a finish!

JJZ: Alright, so I will say this about this Lucha six man. It was entertaining. I definitely enjoyed the show they put on. But I ain't gonna lie. I didn't know what was going on a lot of the time during this one. I took it back a few times to see if I missed something and maybe I did but I didn't understand some what I saw. The build up to Bestia being the surprise partner was well done (even though I didn't understand what was being said). It gave off such a radiant energy. But man oh man. Garza Jr was hella over! That was fun to see such a ridiculous reaction to someone taking their gear off. I think this was the kinda match that played better in person. Rudos got some fucking killer heat. I also liked that finish my friend. Curious where I'm going next!

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