Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Hot, Top, Flight, Boy Outta Sight

CJD: This wasn't my first choice for the type of Martin match to play forward. But damn AEW makes it super hard on YouTube at least to find anything other than 3 minute clips of their young wrestlers or a Dark or Elevation match here and there. And I'm not even talking I want more full AEW matches up there. I just don't want their content to overwhelm the search algorithm WWE style so it's so hard to find more from the wrestler's career. I digress, I'll still take any chance to watch Matt Sydal do Matt Sydal things, and I really liked the Sunday Morning Superstars dynamic here where Martin got so little, but made it count big when he did. So many cool roll ups, reversals, and submissions in this match. Not a ton of flying but I was fine with that. And now I'm setting myself up for more Matt Sydal in the future so I'm going to call this a win/win!

JJZ: This match was totally different than I expected it to be. I imagine when talking about the match Sydal was the one pitching to build everything for the big pop. It's funny because when you're young you get all the attention with big flashy spots but with age and wisdom you learn to place them when they are needed. So when a match up like this happens it's so good for the greenie. This was good man. Nothing over the top but just a solid well executed match. I like knowing this wasn't a one off either. Seeing they had at least three helped me understand the mindset of this match.

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