Tuesday, December 6, 2022

He'll Save Every One Of Us

Scott Norton VS Joey Janela - AIW 3/24/2017

JJZ: Fuck it, let's see what happens. I've watched some underwhelming Scott Norton matches before finding this. Janela really works his ass off for Flash Norton in this one. I mean he really makes the match to be honest. Scott's limited offense is executed nicely though. Everything he hits looks good and tight. But Double J really over sells to make the point and to make it seem like Scotty is still a fucking monster. Which he kinda is. Dude is twice the size of most humans. I know how much you love AIW and this venue in particular so I know you'll also probably love this.

CJD: I'll say this about Norton's performance in this match. What he can't do physically, he more than makes up for with the little things. His body language, his selling when necessary for Janela, how engaged he is in this match. We've both seen vets, especially with a physical mismatch like this, just take a payday and mail the effort in. That wasn't this match at all. Now the match was still more of a novelty than anything great, but that was kind of Janela's MO against aging stars around this time, the guys he grew up idolizing. I've seen a few of those matches and I'd say this is one of the better ones. It's simple, both guys are really in the moment, and it's fun. Everything I could have asked for given the circumstance.

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