Friday, December 9, 2022

Forever Forward Fridays

Black Taurus VS Rey Horus - Black Label Pro 8/24/2019

CJD: I know Black Taurus has had some high profile singles matches, but I've really only seen him in tag and multiman settings. So this was new to me and I really enjoyed it. I hate playing forward wrestlers to you that I'm not crazy about. I know with how little time we both have to devote to this silly hobby, every match is precious. But sometimes getting out of your comfort zone makes you find great stuff, and this was one of those weeks for me. Hopefully you can do the same with Horus. He definitely has some great spots. Maybe I'm being too hard on him. ANYWAY, this is the goofiest I've heard Dave Prazak in a long time, and I enjoyed hearing that joy in his voice. He and Sarah Shockey also called this one beautifully while cracking each other up. The fans really put this over the top for me and I loved the sign of respect after the match. I felt like they came close to going off the rails a few times and BT brought it back home like your neighbor landing the plane in Top Gun on NES while you watch on in amazement.

JJZ: Man this was a fun match. This match truly reminds me of a '90s Japanese juniors match. Quick flash start. The baby working from under for the body of the match. Explosive jaw dropping back and forth for the head and shoulders. And finally a finish that doesn't overstay its welcome that makes sense. I like Horus more than you but I'd definitely put him as a B list high flyer. Imma disagree about this almost coming off the rails. I think both guys kept this one on the road nicely. Fantastic pick fam.

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