Tuesday, December 20, 2022

The Rose That Grew From Concrete

JJZ: Oh shit!!!! That's how this match made me feel. I've watched a lot of Sonny Kiss this week. And non of the matches were bad but no match made me feel like this. It's just like YES! Junk food all the way my man. In this short match they delivered more than expected eye popping spots. I'm a fan of Martin. He still needs some polish but baby can he fly. So high. In the sky. I've learned in all the Kiss matches I've watched that Sonny can really build and work a good match. This one shows the ability to wow the crowd while the last Sonny match was more building a complete story. Hope you enjoy CJD.

CJD: The one thing I'd say above all else about this match is they knew how to read the room. These two knew their audience and gave them exactly what they wanted in the exact quantity they wanted it. It was nice to see Kiss leading a match and she did a great job of feeding Martin and building to his spots. Also for someone that does a lot of flexibility/gymnastic highspots, she really packs some pop in her strikes when she needs to. Good shit. Dante I'm not super familiar with but I'm excited to learn more. I haven't watched anything from F1RST in a while so this was quite the tasty little snack while you've got junk food on my mind.

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