Friday, April 2, 2021

Forever Forward Fridays

Act Yasukawa/Heidi Lovelace VS Kris Wolf/Hudson Envy - Stardom 1/11/2015

CJD: First joshi we've ever featured on PIF? And a handheld recording at that. We are also known as the FanCam Connection after all. I don't love Kris Wolf's gimmick but after watching the Stardom episode of the Wrestlers I gained a ton of respect for her living over there and thriving in that culture. The main appeal of this match is seeing Ruby Riottt in Japan (debuting I think?), which is a real novelty, but pretty much everyone shines by the end of this. They pack a lot of character work and some really fun interesting moments into this one. Unfortunately there's a big sloppy slice of pizza in there by the end as we'd say at a wrestling night hangout, but for me I still really enjoyed the match. Even how they worked around said pizza. We've been a bit outside of our wheelhouse on Fridays lately but I'm liking it because I never know where it's going to take us next. Also It's funny to me this is the sixth Heidi Lovelace match we've shared over the years (double crown Champ! 2x FFF Champ!) but we've yet to play any Ruby Riott.

JJZ: Man, this match reminds me of DVDs I would get from IVP for the main event and this would've been a random undercard match that I loved! The Americans definitely shined in this but the homegrown talent came across strong too. Everything popped off the screen. The single cam was great because I'm a fancam junkie at heart so I was totally digging that. I don't think I've seen any of these other women before but I could be wrong. My memory isn't the greatest tbh. The best part of the match was the second half. The falsies were fantastic, I bit on all of them. Couldn't put my thumb on anything as hard as I tried. Also man I'm so happy you took us across the world with this. I've been in such a Japanese mood so I know this will scratch that itch!

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