Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Tracing These Old Plans Is Code Red

CJD: Sticking with our early 2000s Tuesday vibes lately but moving into the slightly bigger leagues. I was talking to you recently about how highly I value innovation and influence in a wrestler's career and Red has to get a 10 out of 10 in that category. As you said last week he often was walking that edge early in his career of just pulling off what he was going for but looking back now man he was just so much fun to watch. I was more critical of him at the time but now I'm just happy to be able to watch him do his thing. Lynn in this time period was paying back a lot to the younger guys and much like Red for his contributions to the industry doesn't really get his due. They strike a good balance of giving this match a little substance while still delivering a crazy go nuts X Division spectacle. This match isn't perfect but man it's fun. You love making the "this would be perfect on a Best of VHS" call and this really would fit in so well for either guy.

JJZ: Jerry Lynn from Minnesota, where all the Minnesotans are from. It puts a big smile on my face when I get a wrestler played forward to me that I didn't expect! With Red you really had a lot of options to go down and for me his TNA run is extremely unfamiliar. This match wasn't slow at any point but they still did really well at building to the falsies and finish. Jerry Lynn looking swoll AF and like a ring general while Red showed that he was head and shoulders above the other junior indy high flyers. Now I didn't think a second rope piledriver ever happened before I saw Chris Hero (Ain't nuttin to fuck wit) hit it in PWG. So holy fuck did I pop for this spot. I think they hit it as safely as possible but it still looked INSANE. I was really impressed with the innovation of this match. It made for a don't blink feeling. Nice pick baby cakes.

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