Friday, April 16, 2021

Forever Forward Fridays

Toni Storm VS Kay Lee Ray - Target Wrestling 6/11/2016

CJD: I've heard wrestlers talk about with some opponents everything just pops from the simplest lock ups to the big highspots. That's how I felt about these two in this match. I wanted to stay in Japan but man joshi promotions have YouTube on lockdown and with how many ads dailymotion shove in there these days I only go to them for something really specific. This was still ground I was happy to cover as I haven't seen as much Kay Lee as I'd like. Really fun face/heel dynamic in this one that's opposite to what I'm used to from these ladies in NXTUK... at least as of 2019 when I was still watching. I found the "voice of Target Wrestling" introducing a match with no commentary amusing for some reason. This match has its foot on the gas a bit more than the last few Fridays but still feels like we're building up to a white whale. I'm all about that journey.

JJZ: So I've seen a lot of Toni vs Kay Lee in NXT UK but Toni was face and Kay Lee was heel. And I loved their matches in NXT UK. They have such chemistry together that I could watch them wrestle all day. Even this match that was on the shorter side told a complete story. I didn't need to know anything going in and I would've gotten everything I needed just from what was happening in the ring. These two ladies are extremely polished so the execution of everything was top notch. I know this might be a leap to some people but man I hope they have a Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owen's like life long feud.

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