Friday, April 23, 2021

Forever Forward Fridays

JJZ: Well well well. I didn't expect to go here. But fuck it. I'm all about dream matches this week. I can't imagine how nervous and excited Kay Lee was to wrestle Meiko. Side note. Love love love Wreslte Queendom and Sheone. All about the play on words. So we all know that Meiko is one of the best female workers in the world but is it wrong for me to say Kay Lee is top ten? I don't think so. Her mind for the sport is pretty ridiculous. Everything I've seen her in has a great psychology base to it. This was a hell of a main event match. Great back and forth making both women look great. The crowd was really into this one. Chanting and cheering for everything. Popping like crazy for the highspots. I like the 50/50 booking personally, no reason to put one women higher than the other here. Edge of your seat wreslting to close out the match. The moment wasn't spoiled by ego at all. Very respectful by both women. I really enjoyed this match. It was just a great back and forth that highlight the talent. Pretty simple but good.

CJD: So I said it felt like we were building to a white whale on Fridays lately, well blow me down, you found a whopper with this one. This had a litttttle bit of that joshi excess but otherwise I couldn't come up with another criticism. The word gets overused but this was epic. Both women are great at using every little mannerism, every part of how they carry themselves to, from, and in the ring, to project that big fight feel here. There was a nice mix of really tight wrestling in here along with the big bombs. I was taking it back over and over again to appreciate little details. I came into these two matches a fan of Kay Lee, but am leaving with a whole new respect. And you know I'm excited to get into some more Big Match Meiko!

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