Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Why Does Trust Equal Suffering?

CJD: I wasn't planning on staying in ROH but they shared some great stuff from Brodie's short run there after his passing so fuck it. Let's keep digging in the crates of these less than stellar years of ROHistory. This is one of those "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" feud mash ups and I don't know if it's the IWAMS connection or the ex-AOTF storyline but something about the Necro/Black team really works for me. ROH has had tons of these popcorn brawls over the years and this might not be one for the ages but they do make the most of the opportunity. There's a lot in here for a crowd brawling, not super heated, just all over the place mindless fun falls count anywhere match. Wish I could punch that one nasally fan in the throat heckling Jacobs. Brodie Lee is once again a beast in this match, they probably should have built to him and Necro for a long while but I remember they just went straight into it with those two. Tough spot for Lee to be in right off the bat and man he looks great. They do a good job of keeping the action in and out of the ring to play up the stip. I don't know if I'm just a sucker for this type of match done well but I was really enjoying the ride for a match on paper (or on the screen) I initially went right past. The stakes felt important by the end and I felt the disappointment of the losing team. This isn't the chapter of Mr Brodie Lee's career that most people will think of when remembering him but I'm glad to have gotten more familiar with it.

JJZ: Man oh man. Its wild to think that I really stopped watching ROH around this time. This is a dream match to be honest. Black was so raw and full of potential at this time. Jacobs was such a hidden gem for any promotion he worked for. Necro was the golden ticket during these years and Brodie was always stealing the show. This match is a wild free for all that you couldn't take your eyes off. The holy fuck moments were too many to count. This match was chaos but it was definitely an organized chaos. Nothing was wasted and the four wrestlers produced an angry energy that made you feel the hatred between the two teams. Jimmy's mind mixed with Tyler's it factor made magic in the ring. Combine that with Lee and Butcher's daredevil mentality, you got a show stealing match.

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