Tuesday, April 13, 2021

From The Era Of XL80s And Hatchback Saabs

Amazing Red/The SAT VS Brian XL/Devine Storm - CZW 6/8/2001

JJZ: There's a good chance I was at this show. This was heavy into my show going days and I've seen all these guys work in many different formations around this time. This is a non-stop action, holy shit, butthole clinching match. With all six wrestlers walking a razor thin line between great and awful. And trust me, to get to this match I watched the awful. For all the shit the CZW crowds get they were excellent for this match. Even when something wasn't executed the best they were losing it for these guys. I always remembered the juniors at this time really raising the speed of matches and the amount of flips. At times it was constant. But I totally forgot about the head drops. Jesus Christ I thought Storm was dead at one point. I never recall hearing if anyone was seriously injured around then but it wouldn't surprise me. I was thinking what would Jim Cornette's reactions be during this match and it literally made me laugh out loud. Being blunt there is a ton to criticize here I'm sure but I do not care. This match was a blast to watch. Strap in for a show baby cakes.

CJD: What happens when a generation is raised on all night binge sessions of ECW, king fu movies, Michinoku Pro VHS tapes, chugging Surge and crystal Pepsi and downing bags of cheese curls while calling them cheesy poofs? This match, that's what. God bless these guys. This was so ridiculous I don't even know what to say. How did they think of this shit? This is the kind of youthful insane genius that doesn't necessarily need the influence of drugs or alcohol to to produce a reality this warped. Red and our Champ of the week Brian XL looked like absolute stars. Everyone brought a lot to the table, this had the feeling of a touring 6 man match that played the hits for every indy in PA and NJ that would have them. I know I use this expression fairly often but man, what a moment in time.

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