Friday, March 5, 2021

Forever Forward Fridays

CJD: When we came up with the concept for Forever Forward Fridays Darius Lockhart was one of the top names I wanted to feature. I never would have guessed Ophidian the Cobra would be the gateway to lead us down that road but here we are. This match was brought to my attention by the incomparable _sasukespecial_ on Instagram a while ago and I really liked it on first watch. Well I don't know what it was between now and then but this time around I didn't like it. I loved it! I feel like we've been playing forward some really high level stuff lately and even with that in mind this match fogged my glasses up even more than my mask already did. Young Darius just won his title earlier the day of this match and Shane is once again the outside talent coming to face the local star, only unlike against Ophidian he's the subtle heel this time around. There's so much depth to how he works one compared to the other. He doesn't add any tired sneaky tactics, he just modifies his character and his work ever so slightly, and it opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Lockhart does so much right in this match that I don't even want to talk about him, I want him to be a revelation to you if you haven't seen him before. And I don't know if you'll recall but PWX is a promotion I've been talking up for a while. I played you and the guys a match or two but nothing compared to this. This is a statement kind of match. Stick around for a few minutes after it's done too. These guys say so much with a few facial expressions and a few gestures. I don't like to hype my choices up too much when I send them over to you so I hope this match didn't just catch me on the perfect day and fall flat for you. But man am I glad FFFridays lead me to revisit this.

JJZ: These announcers need to shut the fuck up so I can fully enjoy Swerve's entrance. I started watching this match on my phone and quickly realized I need to watch this on a bigger screen. Knowing that Lockhart won the title earlier in the show and he gave this kinda performance on his second match is career making. Strickland coming into your promotion and you standing your ground was such  simple but excellent storytelling telling in a short amount of time. Fantastic indy booking. I really liked the 50/50 in ring work because it gave Lockhart credibility and also showed that Strickland doesn't have a big ego despite being the much bigger talent coming in. The match itself is very good. Everything is hit crisp and looks strong. The crowd is super hot and feeling every emotion. This is a great match baby. Thanks for sharing.

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