Friday, March 26, 2021

Forever Forward Fridays


Rickey Shane Page VS Heidi Lovelace - 05/2015

JJZ: So I was torn between two matches to play forward here. A good 17 minute match and a good 7 minute match. So I thought to myself what is more impressive? And it's the 7 minutes. Plus we haven't featured a short match in a little bit. Also I always appreciate the grainy VHS quality. It's a shotgun style match that makes both wrestlers look experienced. For a short match it has pretty solid psychology. I gotta say that both these Rickey Shane Page matches were very different than I expected. I got a whole new appreciation for him honestly. He is way more versatile than I realized. Just one of the reasons I love swapping matches with you.

CJD: Holy early DSL internet video quality, Batman! This match did indeed get in, hit all the right notes, and get out before anyone could think twice about it. I couldn't agree more that versatile is the exact word I'd use to describe RSP and two weeks ago it definitely wouldn't have been what came to mind. Both wrestlers mastered how to deliver a great intergender match which isn't something I'm always sold on, and wasn't as common in 2015. I'd gladly watch these two go at it again, I bet they could have another match the very next day just as good and totally different. And trying to hunt down the date and promotion on this one (with no luck) it did seem like they worked each other quite a bit. I'm glad you went short and sweet with your pick babycakes. Even if you didn't fulfill your promise to take me to the EXTREME with Shane Page! Hopefully another time, I gained a new appreciation for him with these two matches.

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