Friday, March 12, 2021

Forever Forward Fridays


JJZ: I almost never search out British rules/style matches for some reason but whenever I stumble across them I'm a sucker. Man did I enjoy this. Coming off of Lockhart's last match this was a 180 in style. And as for Suger Dunkerton jesus christ. I didn't know he had this in him! I'm really only familiar with him from Beyond so this was such a welcome treat. I probably never would've seen this if it wasn't for PIF, so man do I fucking love me some PIF!!! This had me hooked baby cakes. I realized towards the end of the match that these guys never end climbed the ropes. These Pure shows from PWX seem terrific. Really gonna keep my eye out for them. What I most enjoyed about this was the back and forth. It was a true 50/50 match that I couldn't take my eyes off. A lot of new stuff I've never seen and some old stuff with a new twist. Enjoy sweetheart!

CJD: This color guy always rides a razor thin edge between effective heel color commentator and obnoxious mark trying to get himself over. Unfortunately in this match he firmly fell into the latter category and refused to give the action any room to breathe. Which is unfortunate because this match was rich with interesting transitions and interactions. A lot of the time American indie wrestlers doing World of Sport stuff can feel contrived or lifeless. That wasn't the case here and like you said that's because they brought their own twist to things. Lockhart and Suge D had great chemistry and the crowd was really engaged by this deliberate but exciting match. Dunkerton has been a joy to watch his entire career but I can't say I've seen a ton of him in this more veteran role and he did a masterful job of it. This was a FFFriday treat if there ever was one.

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