Tuesday, March 9, 2021

I Hope This Night Will Last Forever


CJD: This match is like the champion of a kingdom defending it against an invading beast he's not sure he can slay but he doesn't dare show any fear. You know I've been excited to share with you some of Swerve's run as Ace of DEFY. Well if this isn't the match I wanted to play you most, it's number 2 with a bullet. I really can't say enough about Strickland's time In DEFY. There aren't many Aces in wrestling history that made me watch every second after every match to see what sort of promo they'd cut or punctuation mark they'd close the show with. That's that Onita level shit. And for my money, that was Swerve in DEFY. On first watch I thought this match was fantastic but outstayed its welcome by the slimmest margin. On second watch I'm not so sure. I'd go so far as to say this might be a little more of a JJZ match than a CJD match. Either way I loved it the first time around and it only got better with age. This is a war where the damage only builds and builds. We've been crashing hard at Swerve's House lately and I'm a little sad it'll be time to pack our bags and go. But what a stay it's been.

JJZ: Man do I enjoy watching Defy. The production quality is so well done for an independent promotion. I literally know nothing about this match going in but the feel is so intense that I know this is huge. Commentators can say that a match is the biggest of all time but it don't mean shit if the feeling of the match isn't jumping through the screen. This match had all of that and more. The crowd was vibrating. The heat between Brody and Shane was steaming. In that moment in time that was the biggest match in the world. It is what wreslting fans want to watch and what wrestlers want to create in that ring. Brody King and Shane Strickland for the Defy title was a special match. The story was excellent. The execution was excellent. Everything was excellent. I'm embarrassed to admit the first time I tried to watch this I feel asleep. It had nothing to do with the match and everything to do with working too many hours and not getting the proper amount of sleep. On second watch you better believe my eyes were wide open. Thank you for playing this forward to me. Thank you Swerve for these four great matches we've shared.

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