Monday, March 29, 2021

Misawa Dick Togo Santo Tri-State OuterContinental WWKD Champions #141-150

150 MDTSOCWWKD Champions down, which means Play It Forward is 3 years old! As usual with our Tuesday recaps JJZ is here to take you through this historic run of our imaginary title holders. And then soon after we'll be bringing you our third annual Head Droppies to take a look back at our third year in depth. But for now, let's take a look at these 10 weeks of pro wrestling goodness!

141. Dean Malenko (x2)
Deano Macheano kicking things off for these 10 champs! I always love when we show someone working in such different settings like we did with the man of 1,000 holds!

142. Yuji Nagata
143. Kazunari Murakami

144. Yoshinobu Kanemaru

145. Jado/Gedo

Taking a flight over to tag team heaven with these next four title holders! All tag  matches and also all against invading companies. Totally not planned but very welcomed! Curious if we've done this before and if we've gone longer?

146. Don Fuji
Probably the most surprising match of the champs considering who was in it and where the match took place. Some PWG 4 way goodness thanks to the upload from the one and only Human Tornado himself.

147. TJ Perkins
148. Donovan Dijak

149. Biff Busick

I like these three because we show the levels of pro wreslting, how you start in the small halls and VFWs as you work your way up to the bigger promotions. Just a nice time travel.

150. Trevor Lee
Lee had some real indy dream matches here. All the wrestlers in his matches are considered top guys from their home promotions and were top talents when they traveled to other promotions. A real who's who of 2010s independent wrestling.

We really showed some great tag wrestling here baby cakes. Maybe the most in a 10 champ span. Either way I loved what we shared with each other and Don Fuji is a true gem. Love that man!

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