Friday, December 10, 2021

Forever Forward Fridays

Thunder Rosa VS Kris Statlander - Sabotage Wrestling 5/29/2019

CJD: Two big personalities here having some fun with each other early and then laying some serious hurt in late. Kris Stat is one of a handful of women who I've seen keep Rosa on her heels for this much of a match and I really enjoyed the change of pace. Yet another Forever Forward tiny indie I don't think I've ever seen before running in a most interesting venue. The crowd left me wanting more for what these ladies were doing, a lot of background chatter. But nothing about their performances left me wanting. I'm happy to make Statlander a 2x FFF Champion, I'm becoming a big fan of her's and can't wait to see what you come back with.

JJZ: This match was really good. Probably the earliest I've seen from both women which added a rawness to it. Quick side note that I loved the venue. Anyway, the talent in this match was huge. Both women showed the potential of what they would become in wrestling. I believe we had a solid 50/50 booking with a nice finish. Because of AEW I've seen a lot of Thunder Rosa, but after her two matches we've watched here I'm an even bigger fan. She is a 5 tool wrestler. She has it all and I'd put her in my top ten women in the world right now. Not taking anything away from Kris because I'm stoked to watch a few more of her matches ASAP!

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