Tuesday, December 14, 2021

She Used My Head Like An Exploder

JJZ: This match has all sorts of familiar feels to it so I wouldn't be surprised if you showed me this bad boy before. This was 2006, seeing Akiyama in the blue tights is awesome. Curious the backstory of this one? Doing a quick search didn't provide any answers. They really laid into each here. I expect a Kikuchi beatdown so I wasn't surprised by the match psychology. Love love love NOAH strong style. I watched this match like a little kid watching Saturday morning cartoons. Hope you enjoy my friend.

CJD: Seek knowledge and you shall receive my friend! This match was a month after Jun lost the GHC Heavyweight Title and was wearing his old trunks and working the undercard to make good on a deal with Kikuchi. So this match was the culmination of a small redemption storyline where he was proving himself to his old friend. I fucking love Jun Akiyama. This is just a small example of how he puts so many narrative touches into his career. And into his matches, where he constantly finds ways to challenge the audience's expectations. I bought on so many little moments of this match for example that would be throwaway spots for 99% of wrestlers. Kikuchi was such a game opponent and I was right there with you sitting cross legged Saturday morning with a bowl of Golden Grahams in my lap. Oh and by the way I loved this match if you couldn't tell!

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