Tuesday, December 7, 2021

No Fear, Fear Doesn't Live Here Anymore

CJD: I had so many directions to go playing a match forward this week. I watched some SUWA. I watched some Rikio. Nothing bad but nothing that was an open and shut case. Then I found this match and said "oh my." And I watched it, and it's simple, and it's not perfect, but for a match you've never heard of between these two legends, pre "great" Takyama, this is pretty fantastic. Exactly what this match should accomplish at this point in their careers and then some. Akiyama looks so fully realized at this point that it's strange he was so up and down throughout his NOAH career a few years later. But as for AJPW, we say it's the gift that keeps giving, and even in 2000, behold yet another gift.

JJZ: Fuck you for saying this match isn't perfect. For what they were going for with the talent they got it was perfect. All the big Japanese promotions of today could learn a shit ton from this match. Two pegged future stars that produce a stiff as hell psychology based match in under 15 minutes? I love NJPW but I think they are not aware a match doesn't have to be 25 plus minutes. Let's talk finish. Damn boy. You see that coming? I didn't. Totally surprised me. And jesus, how the hell do we keep finding these amazing matches from pre-NOAH AJPW. Now I get to go watch a bunch of Takayama matches!!!! (editor's note: he means Akiyama)

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