Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Brotherhood's Our Rule We Cannot Bend

CJD: I feel like I've seen a different match between these two on the indies before, and maybe even played it for you and the gang. Still having seen them work together before this felt very fresh. It had a wide variety to what they did similar to your Dijak match, but the ground they covered was very different. Lee is a different kind of heel and Biff is such a fundamentally sound babyface. He's the type of talent you can put in any situation and he'll make it work for him. Which isn't to take anything away from the grimey individual across the ring from Cameron NC. I started this match, got interrupted, and was so excited to finish it I watched it on my phone during my lunch break. It might honestly be the first time I've ever watched a match on my phone. That's the power of Biff Busick!

JJZ: To paint a picture here, it's 10:34PM on a Wednesday night. Both of my kids are asleep and my beautiful wife is sleeping on my chest. I'm drinking a lager and typing this with my left hand. Also I fucking love me some Biff Busick. Also imma big fan of Trevor "Robin Hood" Lee. This match was a three course meal cooked by a 5-star chef. Jesus. Strong start with a balanced middle and a strong finish. Not you typical Biff Busick match imo. I know they worked aroud the building but still a little more of a slower pace than I'm used to with BB. Lee looked like he was wise beyond his years in this one. In fact both guys looked liked stars baby. I enjoyed the finish and could not see it coming at all. That other match between the two might be something I need to seek out ASAP.

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