Friday, February 12, 2021

Forever Forward Fridays

JJZ: I know we aren't that far removed from featuring my new favorite wrestler Lee Moriarty but this match was too much fun not to play forward. The Mane Event look like a million bucks man. At times it looks like adults wrestling children. The size difference is pretty ridiculous but these four men really make it work with the build and the story in this match. I bet money that the Mane event will be on weekl TV at some point in the not-so-distant future. Loving Lee doing the gaga in this match. Adding another layer to his thick ass skillz. We've been able to watch some less is more matches recently that I've been in love with. Add the fact it's on recent independent shows has been such a breath of fresh air. All four wrestlers delivered in this match and I'm hoping you dig it brother.

CJD: I love the Mane Event as our first ever Forever Forward Tag Team Champions. And I love getting back to "Skinny Dipping In A Sea Of Lee" Moriarty so quickly. But I can't say I loved Moriarty Vice as a team. I'm good with goofy pro wrestling, but these guys together had me actively rooting for the heels to beat their asses. The Mane Event continue to impress me with their timing and chemistry. I am amazed they've stayed such a well kept secret. I definitely wouldn't take your bet, they'll be on TV in no time. This match was solid, I could imagine it in the #2 spot on a card or right before something big to break up the action. I wasn't over the moon on it but it served its purpose nicely and finished strong.

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