Sunday, February 21, 2021

Forever Forward Champions #21-30

The identity of our Friday posts kept evolving through these 10 Champs. It's been fascinating for us to watch this concept start to grow up and explore different areas, regions, styles, and talent than we had imagined. And the great thing is I still don't think we've even scratched the surface of where Forever Forever Fridays will take us in the future!

21. Jonathan Gresham
We had an epic run of 20 Fridays dominated by women before Gresham won the battle of the sexes for the time being. His match with Karen Q to bridge the gap was a wonderful technical display. As a double crown champion here at PIF he's come a long way since we featured his matches with Hidaka and Thatcher back when.

22. Lio Rush
23. Mustafa Ali
24. ACH

I love FFFridays. The goal is above all else to give talent that is less represented more promotion. That said, from Gresham to this power trio, this is definitely as high profile as we get on Fridays. However we stayed focused on the indies throughout, with great matches to boot, and it lead us to...

25. Louis Lyndon
Is there a more underrated indy stalwart than the captain of the ship?

26. Candice LeRae
27. Eddie Kingston
These two had such a great match against each other that wasn't even scheduled for the card it was on. A reminder that the card is always going to change.

28. Chris Dickinson
29. Lee Moriarty

30. PB Smooth
Slowly but surely working our way back to less established talent. The Filthy Father fits the Forever Forward mold in his outlaw indy wrestling spirit, and his tag match in Beyond against Kingston and Homicide is among my favorites we've ever featured. Moriarty and PB have been such a blast to watch and keep us focused on discovering new wrestling. Fridays have become a bit of a Western Pennsylvania deep dive of late and I couldn't be happier about it.

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