Friday, February 19, 2021

Forever Forward Fridays

Lee Moriarty VS Ophidian The Cobra - Ryse Pro Wrestling 5/10/2019

CJD: Man my journey to crown Lee Moriarty our first 2x Forever Forward Champion was not a brief one. Which is not a complaint, I got a much more well rounded opinion on him as a wrestler, and I really like all the facets of his game. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't prefer this version of the Apex of Combat, when he's going hold for hold with someone who is good, giving, and game on the mat. I was bummed reading up on Ophidian that he retired last year after CHIKARA shut down due to feeling his relationship with wrestling was unhealthy. Hopefully he can look back on his career with a little pride still, he was always a bright spot on every CHIKARA show he was on. And it's really cool here to see him outside of that setting. We're going to have to start cutting Ryse royalty checks with all these matches we've featured from them on Fridays lately. Well we would if we ever saw a dime from this blog. I've really enjoyed their promotion and I dig everything about this match. It's maybe a little too cooperative at times but I'm okay with it. There's so many slick sequences, twists and turns, and such a fun finishing stretch that I'm willing to see a glimpse of how the sausage is made here and there.

JJZ: If I had to describe this match in one word it would be impressive. Super bummed to hear Ophidian retired. This was an extremely memorable match for him. He was smooth as silk at times. Lee as always looked like he was wrestling above his pay grade for his experience level. If I was live for this match I know I'd be talking about this match a lot on the car ride home. It might not have been the ace of the night since it didn't have a ton of big falsies and super duper highspots BUT dammit if it didn't have instant replay in my head. Ryse has been such a treat and a promotion that is locked on my radar at this point. Very nice pick homie!

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