Friday, February 5, 2021

Forever Forward Fridays


CJD: I've never seen PB in a plunder-filled match so I was curious to give this a go. But I still wasn't optimistic with four relatively unknown guys in a TLC setting. Well there's egg on my face because these guys baked me up a layer cake of delicious destruction. Totally different style match than last week but once again I love how much they get out of a relatively simple structure, and I love how big the commentators make everything feel. Literally big, they highlight the size of the wrestlers constantly, and rightfully so. IWC is a promotion that's been around forever that I've always meant to check out more from. For two Philly boys it seems like we've really slept on the indy wrestling scene on the other side of the Keystone State. Hopefully FFFridays help us change that. And I hope all the wrestlers in this match get back on their feet after the pandemic because I want to see more of all four of them.

JJZ: Well well well. Got a little joined in progress action. An indy TLC match has an even more dangerous feel to it because you know the quality of the weapons are not the same as in WWE. Not saying that WWE TLC matches aren't dangerous. This was a really fun spotfest that made me want to watch the feud leading up to this match. All four wrestlers came out of this match looking better for it. The spots were hard to watch and it made you really feel for the talent in this match. Like you said the commentators did a great job and made this feel like a Wrestlemania moment for everyone involved. You know all four guys limped out of bed the next day very sore but very proud of what they did in that ring.

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