Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Pockets So Big They Sumo

Human Tornado VS TJ Perkins VS Bino Gambino VS Don Fuji - PWG 5/20/2007

JJZ: So I watched this right after watching Wrestle Kingdom and I was so in the mood for a junk foodie independent wrestling match. Like craving one. So when I came upon this I was like, oh fuck yeah. This hit everything I wanted to see. Don Fuji played his role great. Hitting all his big stuff while letting the younger indy guys still shine. Human Tornado came in like a wrecking ball with a lot of his own stuff. TJ worked as the young guy going a little too stiff trying to prove something but hey! It looked good. Gino Bambino Dan Marino added some fuck shit also. I liked it. Wrestling good! PWG good! Don Fuji good!

CJD: Man, I watched so much PWG in this era, random 4 ways were such a staple of indy wrestling at the time, and this match still came so far out of left field for me. Absolutely the last thing I expected you to play forward in the best way possible. This is one of those 4 ways that took four guys that almost certainly had nothing in particular going on for that show (a tag tournament) and put them all in a situation to shine. But we've both watched plenty of matches like this where it's still totally forgettable and treated more like a night off. Well this was good fun but it was still a night at the office for these four and they absolutely punched that clock. I liked that they didn't revert to the format of two heels teaming up against two faces for the majority of the match. There were moments of that but overall this was, as you love to say, a junk food match that played the part to perfection. The type of match that perfectly breaks up the pace of a show or of a marathon session of watching wrestling. Or of a blog that's shared a match or two a week for years and years and hundreds of matches!

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